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Just north of Toronto sits Collingwood, Ontario. Nestled at the southern side of Georgian Bay and Nottawasaga harbor, Collingwood residents enjoy waterfront views, a bustling town centre, and easy access to the beautiful Blue Mountains. With so much to enjoy in Collingwood, it’s no surprise the town brings in business owners, tourists, and new residents every year.

Ron Johnston Insurance is proud to partner with our clients in Collingwood, offering a collection of specialty insurance products to help with every facet of life in town, including:

Home Insurance in Collingwood

Collingwood is home to more than 21,000 Canadians, including those who rent and own. Home insurance protects your house, apartment, or income property from financial risk. This coverage extends to:

  • Property and structures
  • Unattached structures (shed, fence, deck, and more)
  • Belongings
  • Liability

Ron Johnston Insurance offers home insurance products within five categories, these are:

  • Homeowners – If you own a home in Collingwood, homeowners insurance protects your property, house, extended structures, and belongings.  
  • TenantTenant insurance protects you where your landlord’s insurance does not – inside your unit. Tenant insurance also protects your belongings against theft, vandalism, and damage.  
  • Renters– If you own income property in Collingwood, it’s important to protect yourself with renters insurance. Renters insurance protects the structure and property of your rentals, along with any common areas and shared belongings.  
  • Condominium– Condominium owners require condo insurance to protect the interior of your home and belongings against damage and liability issues. Condominium coverage also protects you from additional costs and upgrades not covered through your condo board.  
  • CottageCottages and cabins require unique insurance compared to your home residence. Seasonal properties which aren’t occupied year-round have a higher risk of damage, vandalism, and theft.  

Standard home insurance in Collingwood covers you against:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

If you require additional coverage for unnamed perils, our brokers can help you with extended home insurance policy options.

Auto Insurance in Collingwood

In Collingwood, all drivers are required by law to have insurance on any vehicle on the road. Ron Johnston Insurance offers a range of auto insurance policies, depending on vehicle type and use. Currently, we offer coverage on:


Within your auto insurance policy, you can depend on coverage against:

  • Collision damage
  • Emergency and tow services
  • Medical fees
  • Liability
  • Uninsured drivers

In Collingwood, your auto insurance also protects your vehicle from falling objects, theft and vandalism while parked.

Life Insurance in Collingwood

Collinwood, Ontario is known as a safe place to call home, but life doesn’t always go as planned. Life insurance protects you financially if you become ill or injured or pass away. The money provided through your llife insurance policy may be used in various ways to benefit you, your family, and financial obligations, depending on the policy type.

At Ron Johnston Insurance, we specialize in life insurance products, such as:

Term – Term life insurance covers you for a selected term. You may choose a 10-30 year period of coverage, after which you can renew your life insurance.  

Whole Life – Whole life policies protect you until the end of your life. They also accumulate a cash value the longer they are active.  

Universal – Universal life insurance offers the same financial peace of mind toward end of life care as other policies, with the advantage of safely expanding your wealth. A universal policy allows you to invest and grow the cash value of your policy as you age.  

Long Term Disability – Long term disability protection offers ongoing financial support in lieu of the income you are currently unable to earn. While the goal of this support is to help you recover and return to work, long term disability may extend until the age of retirement at 65.

Critical Illness – If you get sick and are unable to work, critical illness insurance offers you a lump sum payment to cover living expenses and medical care while you recover.

Commercial Insurance in Collingwood

Running a business in Collingwood has its potential perils. From slip and fall incidents to defective equipment, you never know when your business may put you in a financial bind. Commercial insurance protects you from risks associated with your business, both in terms of physical structure and employee accountability. Ron Johnston Insurance offers an assortment of commercial insurance products, including:


Commercial insurance can be used to pay for court fees, repair physical damage, or hire legal aid.

Travel Insurance in Collingwood

Leaving Collingwood? Travel insurance protects you in and out of Canada, above and beyond what your Canadian medical benefits cover. Whether you get sick in another country, or lose your luggage between Toronto and Alberta, we’ve got you covered. Ron Johnston travel insurance helps with:

  • Medical Assistance
  • Emergency Services
  • Replaced Luggage
  • Alternate Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Trip Cancellation

Ask your broker about extended travel insurance options to customize your policy further.

Have Any Questions?

Ron Johnston Insurance believes knowledge is power. We know our clients are educated consumers looking for all the facts. By keeping you informed about your insurance and how it works, you can make better decisions to protect yourself and loved ones. To help with the fine print, we are including some of our most frequently asked questions about insurance in Collingwood.

I have multiple insurance policies with you, do I get a discount?
Why can’t I use house insurance on my cottage?
Why doesn’t my farm fall under general business insurance?

Want to know more about insurance products in Collingwood, Ontario? Our experienced brokers are always happy to lend a hand answering questions and customizing insurance plans to meet your needs. We invite you to contact Ron Johnston Insurance at 1-705-325-6200 today. 

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