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Nestled along the edge of the Georgian Bay, Wasaga attracts residents and travellers alike. With the Nottawasaga River, Nancy Island, and the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park to explore, it’s no surprise that Canadians flock to this beautiful Ontario town every year.

Whether you are a Wasaga resident, business owner, or traveller, Ron Johnston Insurance will protect you and your loved ones from unforeseen financial struggles through a wide assortment of insurance products.

Ron Johnston Insurance works with Canadians across Ontario. We understand that no two individuals or businesses are alike. Therefore, we customize our insurance products to fit your needs, rather than seeking out a one-size-fits all solution for our clients.

Some of the insurance products we are best known for include:

Home Insurance in Wasaga

Purchasing a new home is exciting, but even in the safe Wasaga subdivisions, there are risks to protect against. Ron Johnston home insurance products offer coverage on damage to:

  • Property and structures
  • Unattached structures (shed, fence, deck, and more)
  • Belongings

Our home insurance products also protect against liability, including injury or personal belonging damage while on your property. Home insurance falls under five categories:

  • Homeowners – Homeowners insurance applies to Wasaga residents who own or are looking to own a home.
  • Tenant – Tenant insurance protects against damaged or lost belongings and liability issues for tenants of rental dwellings.
  • Renters – Wasaga property owners who rent to others invest in renters insurance to protect against costs associated with damage to property, common areas, and structures.
  • Condominium – While condominium owners pay dues to ensure common areas are maintained, there are some perils not covered by the insurance of the condo group. Your personal unit and belongings require condominium coverage to remain protected.
  • Cottage Seasonal properties require specialty insurance products to ensure you are covered from loss or damage year round.

Damage covered within your home insurance policy includes:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

For more in-depth coverage, one of our experienced brokers can work with you to add extended options to your policy.

Auto Insurance in Wasaga

Driving in Wasaga requires automotive insurance to keep you safe behind the wheel. Like home insurance, Ron Johnston Insurance services cover a range of auto protection, such as:

Under the scope of auto insurance, you are covered from paying out of pocket for costs related to:

  • Collision damage
  • Emergency and tow services
  • Medical fees
  • Liability
  • Uninsured drivers

Auto insurance not only protects your vehicle on the road, but while parked, or being transported as well. Falling objects, explosions, vandalism, theft, and fire are all covered through auto insurance in Wasaga.

Life Insurance in Wasaga

While Wasaga remains a safe town for residents, life is unexpected. Life insurance products ensure your loved ones are protected, and your estate is properly managed in the event of your death. Some life insurance products also help in cases of illness, injury, or disability.

Ron Johnston life insurance products include:

  • Term – Term insurance protects you for the period outlined in your policy. Premiums tend to be lower than other life insurance products because of this limited protection. A term policy can range anywhere from 10-years, 20-years, or 30-years.
  • Whole Life – Whole life policies extend to protect the insured party for their lifetime. The cash value of this policy accumulates as the policy ages.
  • Universal – Universal, like whole life, protects you over your lifetime, acting as a permanent life insurance option. The accumulated cash value of your universal life insurance in Wasaga is invested in custom selected investment opportunities to safely grow your wealth while simultaneously protecting you and your loved ones from financial hardship.
  • Long Term Disability – If you are diagnosed with an illness or injury which causes long term disability, your disability insurance covers you when you are unable to work and earn a regular wage. This policy spans the initial two-years of a disability, extending up until age of retirement at 65.
  • Critical Illness – Falling ill isn’t something we plan for, but it happens. Critical illness insurance helps you pay for daily costs like rent and groceries, manage extended medical payments outside of those covered by Canadian healthcare, and protect your family from spending savings while you are recovering from an illness.

Commercial Insurance in Wasaga

Running a business is a big responsibility and Wasaga has some amazing opportunities for commercial growth. To protect yourself, your employees, and your brand, Ron Johnston Insurance has multiple commercial insurance options to choose from, including:

Depending on the commercial insurance policy you select, your coverage may extend to the physical structure of your business and surrounding property, employees, liability protection, and more.

Travel Insurance in Wasaga

Travelling outside of Canada? As a Wasaga native, your travels might take you to visit other beautiful beaches and natural wonders. Your Canadian healthcare doesn’t protect you outside of Canada the way it does at home. Travel insurance helps in instances where you require:

  • Medical Assistance
  • Emergency Services
  • Replaced Luggage
  • Alternate Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Trip Cancellation

Whether your flight is cancelled, your luggage gets lost in transit, or you need medical care while away, travel insurance protects you from paying out of pocket.

Have Any Questions?

At Ron Johnston Insurance, we want our Wasaga friends and neighbors to have all the facts. Insurance gets confusing, especially when you’re purchasing multiple policies. Here, we have included some of our most frequently asked questions about buying insurance in Wasaga.

If I purchase more than one insurance product from Ron Johnston can I get a discount?
If I have business insurance, do I still need cybersecurity protection?
Is term or whole life insurance better?

Have more questions for the experienced brokers of Ron Johnston Insurance? We invite you to call us at 1-705-325-6200 to speak to a Wasaga broker today. Our team is always happy to answer questions or get you a personalized quote on any of the insurance products we offer. 

J Jeff Sieger

Their whole staff is great, and Chris is a lifesaver. Strongly recommend them!

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Ron insurance we're really professional people and help me out greatly with my policy

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