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Known as “sunshine city”, Orillia hosts an expansive waterfront, including the connecting lakes of Simcoe and Couchiching. More than 31,000 Canadians call Orillia home, with many more travelling to live, visit, and conduct business each year.

Ron Johnston Insurance is happy to partner with Orillia residents and business owners, offering a comprehensive assortment of insurance products, including:

Home Insurance in Orillia

Whether you rent or own, Home insurance protects your property and belongings from damage, loss, and legal action. Home insurance coverage extends to:

  • Property and structures
  • Unattached structures (shed, fence, deck, and more)
  • Belongings
  • Liability


Within the scope of home insurance, Ron Johnston offers Orillia clients policies such as:

  • Homeowners – Owning a home comes with risk, including potential damage to property, structures, and belongings. Homeowners insurance helps keep your money in your pockets, while repairing damage as it occurs.   
  • Tenant– Renting comes with its own perils, including unforeseen costs associated with damage from other tenant units. Tenant insurance protects you where your landlord’s insurance doesn’t, inside your unit and throughout your belongings.
  • Renters– Owning property leaves you with the responsibility of multiple units, tenants, and rent cheques to contend with. The larger the property, the bigger the risk. Renters insurance protects you where your tenant’s policies fail, covering damage and liability to your property and communal space belongings.
  • CondominiumCondominium owners require specialized insurance to cover the areas your condo board doesn’t. This includes your home unit and belongings, but may also extend to cover extra costs not absorbed by condo board insurance.   
  • Cottage– Cottages are seasonal properties, often rented to others when not in use. This leads to greater levels of risk than standard home properties. Cottage insurance covers your structure and property whether you’re there or not.   


Residents in Orillia can expect protection on a standard number of perils, including:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Theft
  • Vandalism


You may add additional perils to your policy by extending your home insurance through a Ron Johnston broker.

Auto Insurance Orillia

To drive legally in Orillia, Ontario, you require auto insurance. Ron Johnston Insurance provides auto insurance on multiple vehicle types, including:


Under the umbrella of auto insurance, you are covered against:

  • Collision damage
  • Emergency and tow services
  • Medical fees
  • Liability
  • Uninsured drivers


Life Insurance in Orillia

Life in Orillia is not without risk. Fortunately, Ron Johnston Insurance offers bespoke life insurance policies to provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Illness, injury, and death are never in our plans, but when life brings the unexpected life insurance offers financial assistance. Choose your policy based on your current income, debt, family needs, and medical records. Currently, Orillia clients can select any of the following policy types:

Term – Term coverage extends over a period of time from 10-30 years. When your policy expires, you may renew or change the policy to fit your new life insurance needs.   

Whole Life – As the name suggests, whole life insurance protects you throughout your lifetime. It also accumulates a cash balance as you age.

Universal – Like whole life, universal life insurance covers you permanently, and grows a cash balance. It also allows you to invest in custom investment options to increase and manage your wealth.   

Long Term Disability – If you are unable to work due to a long term disability, your long term disability insurance provides regular steady income until you can work again. Long term disability insurance provides Orillia residents with income up to the age of retirement at 65, if approved.  

Critical Illness – Nobody plans to get sick, but if a critical illness keeps you from working, critical illness insurance provides a lump sum to help with bills, medical costs and more.  

Commercial Auto and Business Insurance in Orillia

Orillia businesses range in size and industry, and Ron Johnston has commercial insurance products to fit them all. We specialize in several forms of business insurance, including:


Commercial insurance is used to protect against property damage, liability, employee injury, legal issues, and more.

Travel Insurance in Orillia

If you have plans of leaving Orillia, you may want to consider travel insurance. Whether you’re heading out of the province or out of the country, travel insurance helps with costs related to:

  • Medical Assistance
  • Emergency Services
  • Replaced Luggage
  • Alternate Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Trip Cancellation

If you require further travel coverage, our brokers can help you with extended options unique to the destination of your choice.

Have Any Questions?

At Ron Johnston Insurance we believe honesty is the best policy. Being transparent with our customers gives you all the facts and helps us find the right product for your needs. To offer a more in depth look at our insurance products here are some of our most frequently asked Orillia insurance questions.

How does errors & omissions insurance work?
Do I need commercial auto insurance if I use my everyday vehicle for work?
Does Ron Johnston Insurance offer other aquatic insurance, or just boats?

Interested in learning more about insurance in Orillia? We invite you to call Ron Johnston Insurance at 1-705-325-6200. Our experienced brokers are always happy to answer questions, customize policies and provide competitive quotes. 

J Jeff Sieger

Their whole staff is great, and Chris is a lifesaver. Strongly recommend them!

F Fred Sansolita

Ron insurance we're really professional people and help me out greatly with my policy

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