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Home to more than 180,000 Canadians, Haliburton is recognized as a top tourist location for cottage goers and landscape lovers alike. The picturesque scenery throughout this Central Ontario county offers a variety of residential, commercial, and rental opportunities. Fortunately, Ron Johnston has an insurance product to fit every niche.

Do you live in Haliburton and are looking for a policy to protect your home, business or loved ones? Some of the insurance products we specialize in include:

Home Insurance in Haliburton

Whether buying or renting in Haliburton, home insurance is necessary to protect your property and belongings from damage, theft, and liability concerns.

Standard home insurance policies provide coverage on:

  • Property and structures
  • Unattached structures (shed, fence, deck, and more)
  • Belongings
  • Liability

When you work with an experienced insurance broker in Haliburton, you will have access to five main categories of home insurance. These are:

  • Homeowners – Buying a home is a big investment, so it only makes sense to protect that investment with homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance protects your property, house, extended structures, and belongings inside your home against damage.  
  • Tenant– Rental properties are covered to an extant by your landlord’s renters insurance. However, your individual unit and belongings are not protected under this policy. Tenant insurance keeps you from paying out of pocket should your apartment incur damage or be the victim of a robbery.
  • Renters– Renting a property to others leaves you open to a greater level of liability and damage risks. Renters insurance protects you against financial hardship regarding your rental property, shared common areas, belongings onsite, and liability issues which occur on your property.  
  • Condominium– When you buy a condo, you are responsible for the unit you live in, and your belongings. However, you may also be held accountable for some of the costs to common areas if your condo corporation policy does not fully cover them. Condominium insurance offers a financial buffer against these condo claims, while simultaneously protecting your home.
  • Cottage– Seasonal homes like cottages and cabins come with a greater level of risk for damage and theft. Being left unattended or rented to others means you aren’t always there to ensure they are properly looked after. Cottage insurance covers you year-round, or during part of the year when you are using your cabin.


When you purchase a home insurance policy you can opt for specified perils or all peril coverage. The most common risks covered in a standard home insurance policy are:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Theft
  • Vandalism .


Auto Insurance in Haliburton

If you are a driver in Haliburton, you are required by law to carry vehicle insurance. At Ron Johnston Insurance, we help cover several styles of automobile, including:


When you purchase auto insurance, your vehicle is protected against:

  • Collision damage
  • Emergency and tow services
  • Medical fees
  • Liability
  • Uninsured drivers


It is important to speak to your broker about the type of vehicle you drive, as different automobiles require different levels of insurance. A classic car, for example, may only be driven part-time, and would require a unique policy compared to a family sedan.

Life Insurance in Haliburton

Life is unexpected, which is why Ron Johnston Insurance offers our Haliburton clients a wide range of life insurance products, including:

Term – A term life insurance policy may remain active over 10 -30 years and be renewed or altered as needed. These policies offer financial support to your loved ones in the event of your passing to pay for funeral costs, debt repayment, and more.

Whole Life – Whole life insurance extends over the entirety of your life and provides an accumulated cash value as you age. You may choose to leave your whole life policy to one or more beneficiaries.   

Universal – Universal life insurance products are designed to fit two needs – life insurance and safe long term investing. Like a whole life policy, your universal life insurance accumulates a cash balance as it ages. As your premiums are paid each month, remaining money is sourced toward investments of your choice. This provides access to money during your life, while still offering loved ones life benefits when you pass.  

Long Term Disability – Being diagnosed with a long term disability is life shattering. Fortunately, long term disability insurance protects you up until the age of retirement at 65, offering income replacement for daily life expenses, medical costs, and more.   

Critical Illness – A critical illness is stressful enough without worrying about money or your loved ones. Critical illness coverage, like long term disability insurance, provides you with money to pay for medical costs and living wage while you are unable to work. Usually critical illness benefits come in one lump sum.   

Commercial Insurance in Haliburton

Haliburton attracts businesses of all shapes and sizes, bringing a need for bespoke commercial insurance products. Ron Johnston Insurance specializes in several commercial policies for this reason, including:


Travel Insurance in Haliburton

Travelling outside of Haliburton? Consider Ron Johnston travel insurance before you leave the country. Your Canadian healthcare benefits only stretch so far, and if you are hurt or fall ill in another country, you may be left paying out of pocket for medical costs.

Travel insurance offers coverage on:

  • Medical Assistance
  • Emergency Services
  • Replaced Luggage
  • Alternate Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Trip Cancellation

Have Any Questions?

Ron Johnston Insurance is all about transparency, which is why we give our clients all the information on our insurance products up front. To help you make an informed choice on your next insurance investment we are including some of our most frequently asked questions about insurance in Haliburton.

If I withdraw money from a universal life insurance policy, will I be required to pay taxes?
I purchased farm insurance; will it cover my equipment, vehicles, and plane?
Why can’t I drive my classic car as my everyday vehicle?

For more information on Ron Johnston Insurance in Haliburton, we invite you to give us a call at 1-705-325-6200.

J Jim Cameron

I really enjoy dealing with my broker at Ron Johnston insurance. Neil McKendrey has helped so much, with all of my commercial insurance needs for running my business! I would highly recommend dealing with RJI for their great quality of service!

J Jeff Sieger

Their whole staff is great, and Chris is a lifesaver. Strongly recommend them!

F Fred Sansolita

Ron insurance we're really professional people and help me out greatly with my policy

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