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Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors & Officers Insurance

Canadian businesses face risks every day. The leaders in your company take on most of the liability for this. Upper management makes significant company decisions impacting every level of a business. Directors and Officers insurance protects your executives against financial loss due to legal action by:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Shareholders
  • Competitors
  • Third-PartySuppliers

At Ron Johnston Insurance, we work with corporations across Ontario, and understand the potential risks in a variety of industries. We work closely with our commercial clients to produce the best fitting D&O insurance products for you by customizing standard and extended liability benefits.

Business of all shapes and sizes benefit from directors and officers liability insurance, including:

  • Not-for-profit organizations – Non-profit companies have major risks where upper management is concerned. Many Canadians pour their time and finances into these organizations to support important causes. When somebody feels money is improperly managed, or mistakes are being made, they are more likely to look for someone higher up to blame.
  • Public companies – Once you go public, you have more than employees and customers to consider. There are risks in every decision because your shareholders and investors are constantly watching your company.
  • Private and family-run businesses – Private businesses may not deal with shareholders, but this doesn’t prevent everyone else you partner with or employ from filing legal claims against your executives.

Why Buy Directors & Officers Insurance with Ron Johnston?

For more than four decades, Ron Johnston Insurance has served the people of Ontario in a broad range of business insurance services.

Being a local business, our team of experienced brokers know we aren’t just serving clients, but friends and neighbours. We strive to provide the greatest level of protection on all D&O insurance policies while meeting your budget needs with every quote.

When you work with Ron Johnston Insurance for your directors and officers liability, you work with a team who believes in:

  • Above and Beyond – Our brokers work around the clock to find the best deals for our clients. We aren’t satisfied until we know all your needs have been met, and you have peace of mind about your business and leadership team.
  • Express Claims – We offer express claims on our D&O insurance for accessibility and convenience.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Your satisfaction is important to us. Our business is protecting you and your business and its leaders. If you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t doing our job right.

What Does Directors and Officers Insurance Cover?

Directors and Officers insurance is a form of commercial liability insurance covering your upper management from personal financial loss. Some D&O insurance policies also protect your employee’s spouses.

Directors and officers liability insurance may be used to cover:

  • Court fees
  • Lawyer fees
  • Settlements
  • Loss of income

Some examples of legal claims which may be made against an executive include:

  • Errors in reporting
  • Failure to comply with company guidelines
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Credit issues
  • Cybersecurity mistakes

Directors and liability insurance do not protect against any illegal activity, including fraud or embezzlement. If found guilty of a charge, your executives will be forced to pay their legal expenses out of pocket.

There are three main types of coverage in D&O insurance products, these are:

  1. D&O insurance coverage is the most common and sought after. It helps with costs involved in legal defence, fines, and settlements your executives are unable to pay. This usually has no form of deductible involved.
  2. Protection follows corporate bylaws for companies who are willing to pay indemnification. There may be a deductible involved. Executives will still receive financial coverage for fines, court fees, and settlements, but it may not cover the entire cost of these charges.
  3. The third type of coverage relates directly to financial protection against suits coming from within the company. For example, if employees were to suit your business.


Whatever the allegations, directors and insurance liability insurance is a worthwhile investment for any company with a large or growing staff. Leaving your upper management and board members vulnerable to legal costs could result in a direct financial impact on your business.

Have Any Questions About D&O Insurance?

At Ron Johnston Insurance, we are passionate about ensuring our clients have all the facts before investing in a commercial insurance product. We understand the potential reservations involved in taking on a new insurance policy, especially if you don’t understand all the fine print. To help shed some light on D&O insurance, we have included some of our most frequently asked directors and officers insurance questions.

Do I need D&O insurance if I have general liability insurance?
My company has multiple forms of insurance already; can we get a discount?
Are former directors covered by directors and insurance liability insurance protection?

For more information on directors and officers liability insurance and all it entails, we invite you to call Ron Johnston Insurance at 1-705-325-6200. One of our experienced commercial liability brokers will be happy to walk you through the benefits and extended coverage options of any D&O insurance policy.

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