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12 Reasons You Should Get Travel Insurance

Are you planning to travel and wonder if you need travel insurance? Travel insurance is often overlooked as most travellers don’t want to spend additional fees on their bookings. Brokers in Ontario tell you that travel insurance is essential before and during your vacation because it covers a variety of unexpected circumstances. We’ve come up with twelve reasons why you should get travel insurance.

1. Lost luggage

Nobody likes it when they arrive at their destination, and their luggage doesn’t show up at the baggage carousel. When your luggage gets lost, those valuable items you own could get expensive to replace. 

There is a common misconception that airlines are fully responsible for reimbursing you for your lost luggage. After all, one of their baggage handlers most likely misplaced it. However, airlines have limited liability for lost luggage, so getting baggage loss protection in a travel insurance policy could cover the remaining reimbursement amount.

2. Emergency medical assistance 

Emergency medical assistance is one of the top reasons for travel insurance. If you eat a new meal in a country you’ve never been to, get food poisoning, or injure yourself while skiing in the Alps. You’re covered if you need to go to the hospital and need medical assistance. Travel insurance covers surgeries, hospital stays, and emergency dental treatment.

3. Emergency airlifts

With travelling, you never predict where an accident can take place. In a situation where you get injured in an exotic, remote area, are evacuated from a danger zone and need to be flown to a hospital, getting travel insurance may cover helicopter transport might be the only solution to get you to the closest hospital. 

4. Delayed baggage

Along with lost baggage, delayed baggage is something airlines have limited liability for. With baggage delay coverage under your travel insurance policy, they can reimburse you for all the purchases of items you need to use while waiting for your luggage to be returned to you. 

5. Family member injuries

If you’re travelling with your family, getting travel insurance is essential, especially if you’re taking your kids or elderly relatives. Travel insurance covers unexpected travel expenses if your family members become injured, resulting in hospitalization. 

Travel insurance would cover the hospital stays and, when your family member gets discharged, any wheelchair, crutches, or assisted transportation they require if they become disabled and need to travel back home. 

6. Bad weather and natural disasters

We can’t control mother nature, and when bad weather like snowstorms or hurricanes happens while you’re waiting for departure at the airport, this could lead to unexpected travel delays. In some extreme cases, when you’re left stranded at the airport due to natural disasters, travel insurance can cover you in case of a flight cancellation from the airline. 

When this occurs, you risk losing the cost of the flight and the cost of any accommodation and car rentals you booked. Be sure to purchase travel insurance when you book your trip to get reimbursed for these costs.

7. Early returns

Travel insurance can help you when you’re already in the middle of your vacation and must fly home early and cancel the rest of your trip. But when you have travel insurance, early returns can be covered for reimbursement. 

8. Missed connection 

When you’re travelling and have a connecting flight, there could be some jams, like getting in a car accident en route to the other airport or inclement weather making you miss your connected flights. Having travel insurance may reimburse you for the cost of a replacement air ticket. 

9. Permanent disability

If you become permanently disabled by becoming blind or losing any of your limbs while on vacation, you could be eligible for disability payment when you have travel insurance. If your disability prevents you from returning to work after you come home, your travel insurance can pay your disability coverage for up to twelve months. 

10. Identity fraud on credit cards

Unfortunately, sometimes your credit cards can get into the hands of thieves while you’re travelling, and you may suddenly notice some unfamiliar charges showing up on your credit card account. This is a case of identity fraud, and if you experience it, call your credit card company and travel insurance provider immediately and report it stolen. Your travel insurance policy can reimburse you for the unauthorized charges on your credit card.

11. Trip cancellation

Sometimes you or your travel companion could get sick before the scheduled trip, and you must cancel your booking. You end up losing the full cost of the trip. By any chance, if you think you might have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, consider purchasing travel insurance that covers trip cancellation coverage. This kind of coverage can give you peace of mind and the option to postpone or cancel your vacation in the event of an emergency or illness.

12. Car rental

If you’re planning to rent a car while on vacation, you could get up to $25,000 in coverage for your rental car with some travel insurance plans. This car insurance coverage covers any damages caused to your rental car through an accident, vandalism, theft, or natural disasters. If you don’t want to claim an impact on your current car insurance policy, getting car insurance coverage with your travel insurance is a good choice.

Contact Ron Johnston Insurance for Travel Insurance in Ontario

As you can see, these twelve reasons to get travel insurance cover a wide range of events if or when they pop up. Essentially, travel insurance acts as a security blanket that protects your well-being and belongings and reimburses you for any losses you incur. To learn more about travel insurance in Ontario, call Ron Johnston Insurance at (705) 410-5519 or contact us here.

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