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How Cottage Insurance Protects Your Home Away From Home

Summertime in Ontario means it’s time to head to cottage country to enjoy some rest and restoration. As your cottage becomes your second home, it requires cottage insurance in Ontario.

However, you might think since you’re only using it a few months out of the year, why bother getting cottage insurance? The truth is you need to protect your cottage all year round.

To help you choose the right cottage insurance in Ontario, we will begin by explaining the difference between cottage insurance and home insurance. Then, we will discuss what cottage insurance covers in Ontario, the reasons why you should get cottage insurance, and what it doesn’t cover.  

What’s the difference between cottage insurance and home insurance?

What makes cottage insurance different from home insurance is the high chance of risk. Here is a typical scenario: your cottage is only occupied by you and your family during the summer and with short stays throughout the year. During the wintertime, though, it’s off-season, so your cottage is not in use.

During the off-season period, a vacant cottage is at high risk of getting burglarized and experiencing property damage caused by fires or natural disasters like high-wind winter storms. All in all, cottage insurance might cost a bit more than your regular home insurance because the higher the risk, the more costs are involved. 

What does cottage insurance cover? 

Since your cottage is at high risk of getting damaged during the off-season, cottage insurance in Ontario can potentially cover the repairs of the following:

  • Physical damage to the cottage. For instance, if a severe rain storm or fire happens during the off-season and the windows and the roof get damaged, your cottage insurance policy should cover the repair cost.

  • External structures next to the cottage. If the same rain storm or fire causes damage to external structures next to your cottage like sheds, garages, decks and fences, your insurance should also cover the cost to replace or repair them.

  • Interior belongings. All the items like furnishings and electronics left inside the cottage shed and garage will be compensated.

    However, it’s important to mention when you purchase cottage insurance in Ontario, you should provide your insurer with a complete list of all the items in the cottage, shed, and garage that you consider valuable.

  • Theft. Since cottages are occupied during peak periods in the summer, burglars are most likely to target them during the off-season for items such as televisions, computers, lawnmowers, and gardening tools. If you don’t have a security system, your cottage could be burglarized and you may not even be aware of it until you visit again.

    That’s why it’s essential to have cottage insurance in Ontario to cover your valuables in case of theft. 

  • Liability. It’s important to have liability coverage if you’re the owner of the cottage, as it will cover you and your family members if you get injured during your stay.

Now that you know what cottage insurance covers in Ontario, let’s take a closer look at reasons why you should get this type of coverage. 

Why should you get cottage insurance in Ontario? 

Besides compensation, if your cottage gets damaged or burglarized, here are more important reasons why you should get cottage insurance in Ontario:

Safeguard your finances. In the event of a natural disaster or burglary, if you don’t have coverage, you’ll end up paying out of pocket. You can avoid getting into this situation, by getting cottage insurance in Ontario.

Once you’re insured and something happens, just file a claim. This investment in insurance can safeguard your finances by saving you a lot of money.

Protection on your investment. If you own a cottage, you know it’s a big investment that requires a substantial amount of funds to maintain its upkeep and contents. Getting cottage insurance in Ontario protects your investment by making sure your property and its contents are insured against vandalism, burglaries, and fire.

Peace of mind. Having cottage insurance means you can rest easy, as it provides all-year protection of your property and its contents.

And since your cottage is unoccupied during the off-season, you get peace of mind and can focus on your work and family without worrying about your cottage when you’re not around. 

In sum, the benefits of having cottage insurance in Ontario help protect your finances and investment while you’re away, and you can rest assured that your policy will cover any damages it incurs. 

What is not covered by cottage insurance in Ontario? 

Now that we’ve told you what cottage insurance in Ontario covers, here are the different exclusions and limitations that it may not cover:

  • Damage from animals, insects, and pests. It’s no secret that cottage country is filled with creatures lurking in the woods. Unfortunately, if rodents, insects, or animals damage your cottage, many insurance companies will not cover it.

    However, you could purchase an add-on that could protect your cottage against wildlife, but this depends solely on the insurance provider.

  • Damage caused by the owner. If you or your family members intentionally damage your cottage through vandalism, neglect, or an accident, your insurance will not cover the damages.

    To reiterate, cottage insurance in Ontario is meant to protect against unexpected events, and intentional harm is not included. 

  • Other people’s belongings. For instance, if you invite some friends to your cottage for a weekend and they leave their items on the property and a fire occurs, your insurance company will not cover your friends’ items.

    Keep in mind that the individuals listed on your cottage insurance policy are covered in case of an accident. Friends and guests who are not listed will not be protected.

Contact Ron Johnston Insurance for cottage insurance

As you can see, getting cottage insurance covers a wide range of events if or when they occur. Think of it as an extra layer of protection while you’re away from your cottage during the off-season months. 

To learn more about cottage insurance in Ontario, call Ron Johnston Insurance at (705) 410-5519 or contact us here.

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