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Spring Time Clean Up!

Now is the time to protect your house from water damage!  Pay attention to both interior and exterior areas as you walk around the house.

Common culprits are:

  • debris blocking eaves troughs and downspouts
  • debris blocking drains near basement doors
  • broken, poorly maintained, or worn out sump pumps.

Check for cracks in your foundation, floors, windows and doors – get them sealed!

Clean out those eavestroughs!

Install a backwater valve or sump pump!  Consider a battery back-up in case the power goes out in a storm.

Consider installing a water alarm that will sound as soon as any moisture is detected.

Or a sump pump alarm that will let you know if the pump isn’t working properly.
Stay alert to how water pools around your home and hopefully your vigilance will keep you and your home dry this spring.

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