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15 Tips on How to Safely Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain

Does the thought of riding in the rain make you nervous? If you’re a motorcycle owner, you should take motorcycle safety very seriously, especially when it rains. 

Unlike other vehicles on the road, motorcycle riders should have motorcycle insurance in Ontario because they’re more vulnerable to accidents compared to other drivers. 

After all, they’re less protected. That’s why we’ve come up with fifteen tips on how you can safely ride your motorcycle in the rain.

1. Get waterproof gloves 

When riding your motorcycle in the rain, you’re exposed to the wetness, and comfort comes in the form of waterproof gear. When your hands are on the hand clutch, you’ll need them to be covered in waterproof gloves. 

If your gloves get wet while riding, try to avoid taking them off, as they’ll get cold fast. Only take them off once you’ve arrived at your destination and are indoors. 

If you must take them off while still riding, keep a towel handy, dry them first, then re-slip them into your gloves. 

2. Buy waterproof socks

Besides your hands, your feet get wet while riding your motorcycle in the rain. The solution is a pair of waterproof socks like Gore-Tex socks

They’re made of durable waterproof material that keeps your feet dry. If you want a more cost-effective solution, a pair of wool socks will keep your feet warm, even if they get wet. 

3. Get waterproof boots

Once you’ve got your waterproof socks on, slip on waterproof boots from Gore-Tex or any high-quality waterproof boots with a grip on the bottoms to prevent slipping off the brakes. 

We recommend that the boots are tight enough to be tucked into a rain suit. 

4. Reduce your speed

Driving a regular car in the rain calls for reduced speed, and the same applies to riding a motorcycle. 

By reducing your speed, you’re allowing yourself to drive defensively and use less of your tires and grip levels. By riding at a slow speed, you lower your braking distance and have more time to assess other factors approaching your way. 

5. Find a dry lane

While riding your motorcycle in the rain, if you see an area of a dry lane, use it to your advantage because it will give you better traction and maneuverability. 

If you spot a chance to avoid wet pavement, go for it.

6. Give yourself time and space 

If you have to ride in the rain, always give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. 

Also, provide a lot of space between you and the vehicle in front. This way, when it comes time to step on the brakes, you’ll have ample distance to avoid an accident!  

7. Take your time on railroad crossings

You should approach railroad crossings very slowly, as they are incredibly slippery in the rain. 

Ride over them at a perpendicular angle when crossing, so your tires will slowly slide over the steel.

8. Check your tires

Tires take longer to warm up when it’s raining, so avoid swerving to warm them up. Check to see if they have the correct pressure and are not worn out. 

The best technique to warm up your tires in the rain is the stop-and-go method, as it can assist in heating them quicker. 

9. Avoid shiny surfaces

Along with railroad crossings, shiny surfaces like painted lines, tar snakes, metal placements, and maintenance hole covers are slippery in the rain. 

If you encounter them while riding your motorcycle in the rain, just roll over them and avoid hard braking or acceleration.

10. Be careful at intersections

Approach intersections with caution while it’s raining because other vehicles might also struggle to brake or have reduced visibility. 

Intersections also accumulate spots that are slippery with oil as more cars stop at the stop lights.

11.  Brake properly 

Riding your motorcycle in the rain can be handled properly when you apply your brakes gently. If there’s an incident when another car or pedestrian comes in your way and you need to suddenly use your brakes, pump them properly to prevent hydroplaning. 

Here’s a tip about braking in the rain: apply more of your rear brake and less of the front brakes, as you can lose control of the front wheel.

12. Change lanes carefully

Driving at reduced speed can assist with changing lanes safely. Before you change lanes, signal early and check your blind spot. When it’s raining, you need to take your time with this and not treat it like a regular lane change when the road is dry. 

Give yourself plenty of room to change lanes. Then continue to stay perpendicular to the road when moving right or left. 

13. Watch out for fog 

Fog naturally forms after rain storms, and even if you ride your motorcycle after a storm ends, foggy and misty areas could form while you’re riding and decrease visibility. 

When you encounter low visibility while riding your motorcycle, the solution is to turn on your low beam headlight and fog lights. 

You might be tempted to turn on your high beam headlight, but settle for your low beam headlight or fog lights, as high beam headlights are known to reflect light to your sight and produce glare. 

14. Use a waterproof bag for your belongings

Never leave home without those riding essentials like your cell phone or an extra set of motorcycle gloves. 

While riding in the rain, use a waterproof bag, not a water-resistant bag, to keep your items safe and dry.  

15. Use the correct body posture 

You’d be surprised at how your body’s posture while riding your motorcycle in the rain can prevent accidents. 

The most effective posture to practice is to stick your head in the mirrors. The idea behind it is the average human being’s head weighs approximately ten pounds without a helmet. The extra weight can help when you make turns to let your bike stay more upright in the rain.

Contact Ron Johnston Insurance for Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario

As you can see, these are fifteen tips and tricks you can practice if you ever have to ride your motorcycle in the rain and make it safely to your destination. To learn more about our motorcycle insurance rates in Ontario, call Ron Johnston Insurance at (705) 410-5519 or contact us here

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