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If a tree falls in the forest…

Soon the colours will be changing; and with that the weather.  We have seen some severe storms already this summer that felled trees and flooded basements.  If you happen to have trees in your yard, its time to inspect their health before winter comes and snow starts to weigh down weak branches.  Here is a simple checklist:
  • contact a certified arborist to have your trees inspected
  • prune away any dead, diseased, or weakened branches
  • remove limbs close to your home or garage.
You could also watch for:
  • leaning trees, especially if the soil if buckled or heaving at the base of the tree
  • sparse canopy in the tree indicating disease or dead portions
  • animal nests, they tend to burrow in decayed sections of trunks or branches
  • if there is construction nearby, make sure that large roots haven’t been severed.
That being said, you may have made all the necessary preparations and inspections and still a tree falls on your home!  Your comprehensive homeowner’s policy will help you to repair the damage the tree has made to your roof.  It is important to note that the insurer is not responsible for the removal of the tree or limbs from your property – they are required to repair the damage done by the tree.  Clean up and removal is the homeowner’s responsibility. Call your insurance broker today if you have any questions about your coverage. Enjoy the fall season and the colours it brings!

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